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Victoria & Daniel (2013)

Henrietta Harris

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Marion Cotillard photographed by Benoît Peverelli for Madame Figaro (June, 2014)

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Thierry Mugler’s Paris Apartment

'I don't want real possession. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space - and to keep it as empty as possible.'

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Being alive

June 9th
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One critic called me the Nothingness Himself and that didn’t help my sense of existence any. Then I realized that existence itself is nothing and I felt better. But I’m still obsessed with the idea of looking into the mirror and seeing no one, nothing. - Andy Warhol

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Illustrations from Mark Twain in Virginia City Nevada by Mark Twain, round 2: jumping edition.

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A comic I made for class

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❝ The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. ❞
— Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations.  (via wordsnquotes)
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